Cute Little Mexican Midget

In saner times, other than picking radishes and other low-growing produce, Mexican midgets were considered fit mainly as subjects of jokes and prank calls:

And no wonder: the alliterative ridiculousness and the mental image of a little person in a big sombrero are hilarious.

(By the way, try saying “alliterative ridiculousness” fast five times.)

Under a new reign of Bush Family cuckservatism, however, just such an individual would get to determine U.S. immigration policy—the deservingly infamous line about the illegal alien invasion being “an act of love” was conceived by none other than Mrs. ¡Jeb! Bush.

Aside from the disastrous practical aspects of the president’s closest adviser being a Mexican native who apparently doesn’t even speak English and for whom becoming an American citizen was a “very difficult decision”. Now, this is our current First Lady:


By looking at that picture, you’d be able to guess Moochelle’s West African ancestors were cannibals even if it weren’t a historical fact. After eight long eons millennia centuries decades years of that, do you really want to follow it up with this?