Why Anticuck?

An anticuck, to put it simply, is an individual who loathes cuckservatives and cuckservatism.

Now, if you’re not a regular at the rational fringes of the Internets—what liberals and cuckservatives themselves would call “far-right Web sites”—then you’re probably saying, “Thanks, that makes it much clearer! Now could you tell me what the hell a cuckservative is?”

Why, I’d be glad to! “Cuckservative” is a recent coinage blending the words “cuckold” and “conservative”. It denotes an utterly despicable sellout who claims to be a conservative, talks like a conservative (at least during the campaign), and swears up and down to fight for conservative principles, but who then gets into office and unfailingly goes along with every destructive, disgusting item on the liberal agenda.

“Fair enough,” you may be saying, “But what does that have to do with letting another dude have sexual relations with your wife? If I remember my Shakespeare, that’s what a cuckold is.”

And you would be correct, which is why the term “cuckservative” is so to the point, and judging by their hissy fits, so wounding to the poor cuckservatives. You see, just like a cuckold watches another man ravish his wife, a cuckservative watches while the bull—that’s what the randy paramour is called in cuck parlance—does the same to America. And if America is the unwilling wife and cuckservatives are the omega-male husband, the bulls are legion: liberals, illegal aliens, Black militants, Muslims, homosexuals, crony capitalists, and any crappy Third World country that strikes an attitude—Mexico, Iran, Turkey, and, the biggest crappy Third World country of them all, China. That last one would never be in a position to challenge the United States militarily or economically if it hadn’t been for U.S. Chamber of Commerce crony capitalists selling out half of the country’s industrial capacity to them and the federal government ignoring espionage, currency manipulation, and other appalling behavior. That was done, of course, with enthusiastic cooperation from bought-and-paid-for cuckservatives.

What it comes down to is that cuckservatives and their liberal friends have had their slimy hands on America for far too long. It’s time for real men step up and rescue her.